"Movie making is telling a story with the best technology at your disposal"

- Tom Hanks

Bombay Film Makers would be glad to have you as the Official Partner in any of the project you wish, depending upon your interest as well as your budget. Currently we are looking for Films.

Bombay Film Makers

About Our Services

Bombay Film Makers is a well-known name in multiple sectors of business. We laid our foundation stone almost a decade ago with prestige and full heritage in Films, Property, Technology and Entertainment Industry in India. We have best owed our efficiency and professionalism in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. We are expanding with vivid ideas and events from time to time.



You are Investor (in form of Private Investor, Investment Manager, Fund House, NRI Investor etc.) who is looking for Low Risk - High Return asset class as an alternative or addition to investment in stock, bonds, futures, options, real-estate, gold, or any other financial product.Our associated investors become the full fledged Producer or Co-Producer or Associated Producer in the respective films.

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